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Interféromètres fibrés Interféromètres fibrés Attocube

The FPS sensor family sets new standards in industrial and research displacement measurement applications. Based on attocube’s patented fiber interferometer technology, FPS sensors can be applied to a vast range of measurement applications – ranging from ultra precision machining to drift detection in radiation harsh environments. With the complete optoelectronic circuitry being integrated into the control unit, the sensor heads appeal due to their durability and exceptionally small space consumption, making the FPS also applicable for extreme conditions.

Real-time interfaces, optional environmental compensation, ease of use, and true standalone capabilities top off the benefit list of the FPS sensor family. The specifications of the FPS are unmatched: with a data acquisition bandwidth of 10 MHz, the sensor is capable of tracking target velocities of up to 2 m/s. Despite its exceptional tracking speed, the sensor also allows for the simultaneous detection of position variations with a stunning resolution of 10-12 m.