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Interféromètres fibrés Interféromètres fibrés Attocube

attocube’s SENSORICS team is devoted to the development of revolutionary sensor solutions for challenging applications in research and industry.

The innovative optical displacement sensors surpass the performance of other presently available sensors in terms of precision, speed, and compactness. The compact design allows for the use in spatially confined setups difficult to access. Together with the revolutionary fiber optic measuring principle this enables the use of the attoFPS in different kinds of extreme environments like ultra high vacuum, cryogenic temperatures and even hard radiation.

The innovative working principle renders the combination of strikingly easy adjustment with unrivalled accuracy and stability possible. The real-time data capability of the control unit guarantees most reliable measurements on the picometer regime with virtually zero latency. No commercially available sensor can cope with processing such high data volumes in such a short time and additionally provide subatomic resolution. Used as a stand-alone component or in combination with the attocube nano drives, attocube’s sensor solutions open up completely new applications in various fields and combine exceptional performance with highest compactness.