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Goniophotometers Goniophotometers PSI

PSI offers a diverse range of Automotive and Signalling Goniophotometers. These operate in the CIE A/alpha coordinate system, and are used to measure and evaluate devices such as:

Automotive lighting, for example: headlamps, stoplamps, indicators, etc.;

Other signalling devices including traffic lights, railway signals, etc.;

Maritime and aeronautical signalling devices.

The laboratory equipment required depends on the types of test items being measured, the sophistication of the test equipment required, and the overall accuracy of measurement required.

These devices can generally be grouped into three main categories: the ASG-5.0 for high-end applications; the ASG-3.0 for mid-range; the ASG-2.0 for compact space requirements; and the budget ASG-1 series. They can all be integrated with other equipment including our Integrating Spheres, Spectrometers; Licence Plate Measurement Systems and Reflex Reflector Measurement Systems to provide fully equipped photometric laboratories. 


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ASG-5.0 ASG-5.0 ASG-5.0
ASG-3.0 ASG-3.0 ASG-3.0 ASG 3 0 brochure.pdf
ASG-2.0 ASG-2.0 ASG-2.0
ASG-1.5 ASG-1.5 ASG-1.5
ASG-1.1 ASG-1.1 ASG-1.1

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