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The Absolute Luminous Flux Integrator (ALFI) is a special device for absolute measurement of the luminous flux output of lamps. It can also to measure the luminous intensity distribution of small lamps and luminaires.

The lamp is placed in a rotating lamp holder in the centre of the device. A photocell is mounted on an arm, which rotates about the lamp. The lamp's rotation presents different azimuth angles to the photocell, while the photocell sees different elevation angles of the lamp as it revolves around it. By rotating through all of the azimuth angles and measuring at the different elevation angles within each azimuth angle plane, the luminous flux is summed over the whole sphere around the lamp.

During the process of a luminous flux measurement, the ALFI is actually measuring the illuminance, E, from the lamp in all of those directions at the test distance, d. The distribution of the luminous intensity, I, can also be derived from these measurements. Because the test distance is small, the calculation of the luminous intensity is only valid if the size of the test item is small.

The overall device is designed to fit into a standard room height of 2.7 meters. The test distance, or radius of rotation of the photocell, is 1.0 meters standard. This means that the luminous intensity distribution of lamps of up to 200mm can be measured. These are the standard dimensions of these devices, however they can be scaled to fit into a larger room size if required. 


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