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Reflex Reflector Measurement Systems are designed to measure the Coefficient of Luminous Intensity (CIL) of reflex reflectors.

The measurement setup involves using a projector to illuminate the test item, and then measuring the luminous intensity of the light reflected from the test item. The ratio of the luminous intensity emitted by the reflector (in candelas) to the illuminance on the reflector (in lux) is the coefficient of luminous intensity or CIL (cd/lx).

Because the luminous intensity measurement is performed at small observation angles, the projector is usually a large distance removed from the test item (typically 15 or 30.48 metres) and the photocell is mounted directly above the projector. Because the samples are usually required to be tilted and rotated, these systems normally operate in conjunction with one of our Automotive and Signalling Goniophotometers.


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Reflex Reflector Measurement Systems Reflex Reflector Measurement Systems Reflex Reflector Measurement Systems RR 5.0 2 Page.pdf
ASG-1.2 Goniometer ASG-1.2 Goniometer ASG-1.2 Goniometer

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